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Apiaceae (Parsley Family)

Angelica atropurpurea

Angelica (Alexanders)

Plant TypeForb
Life CycleAnnual
Flower Colorwhite
HabitatMoist Areas.
DescriptionSmooth dark purple stem. Leaves with three leaflets wich are further divided into 3 or 5 sub-leaflets. The flower head is a rounded, almost spherical, umbel make of clusters of small white flowers, consistent with the typical Parsley family structure.
EdibilityThe stems and leaf stalks can be boiled in changes of water and eaten as a cooked vegetable. Tender roots can be prepared like parsnips. Seeds can be used as a seasoning.
As with all members of the Parsley family, positive identification is absolutely necessary, as this plant resembles a few extremely poisonous species.
ToxicityAlthought Angelica is not poisonous, it can resemble a few other extremely poisonous plants, such as Water Hemlock, Poison Hemlock, and Fool's Parsley.