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Plant Type: Forb

Life Cycle: Biennial

Domestication Type: Wild

Distribution: Most of North America. From Mexico to at least as far north as Alaska.

Habitat: Swamps, Wet meadows

Leaf Pattern: Opposite

Leaf Type: Compound, Pinnate

Flower Color: white

Description: Extremely toxic. Possibly the most lethal plant in North America. Avoid all contact. Be respectful.

Edibility: DO NOT EAT.

Medicinal: NONE.

Poisonous: Extremely poisonous. A small amount of any part of this plant, for example one bite of root, which can be mistake for a parsnip, can easily be lethal. Causes violent tremors, intense stomach pain, salivation, delerium, and death. Do not even touch this plant, to avoid possibly transferring material from your hands to your face. Widely considered to be the most poisonous plant in the North Temperate Zone. Death has been known to occur within 20 minutes of ingestion. (Pratt)

Utilitarian Uses: NONE.

Other Notes: Please be respectful of this plant. It is very powerful.