AKA: Blackberry, Raspberry, Wineberry, Dewberry, Thimbleberry
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Plant Type: Vine

Life Cycle: Annual

Domestication Type: Wild

Distribution: Throughout eastern US.

Habitat: Sunny transition areas.

Flower Color: white

Number of Petals: 5

Description: This group includes the familiar Blackberry and Raspberry (along with other species). These plants are arching or non-climbing vines known as canes. The stems have a variable number of thorns and/or bristles. Leaves with 3-7 leaflets. Five petaled flowers leading to juicy red to black compund berries.

Edibility: In addition to the berries, which are delicious of course, the leaves can be used for tea. In fact, many commercial herbal teas use raspberry leaves as a base. Tender blackberry shoots can be eaten fresh.

Habitat: These plants grow on field edges, usually forming a natural barrier.

Medicinal: A strong, concentrated tea has important medicinal qualities.

Utilitarian Uses: Straight sections of the cane can be used as hand drills for fire making. The berries can be used as bait.